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In the conflicting spheres of romantic longing and the real world.

Eckart Bartnik's work WesterWorld questions the changing relationship between people and the region in which they live. Even if they don't appear in the pictures, they are still omnipresent. The traces of civilization can be read in every detail in the extremely precise recordings of the Westerwald. It's not an objective, sober look at local areas like in the documentary photography of the 1980s in Germany. He contrasts the idea of neutrality in the gray light with his fascination for the diverse manifestations of this landscape in the most varied of lighting moods. Far from any romantic exaggeration or kitschy idealization, he draws a contemporary picture of the region in economic and cultural upheaval with the subtle inclusion of everyday life in all his photographs of the Westerwald.

Wolfgang Zurborn, Lichtblick School, Theater of Real Life Vol. 5

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