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Human objects appear unexpectedly in the barren Icelandic landscape, reduced to pure space, and reveal the contradictions of human existence.

Between being and longing

A tattered armchair becomes a place of longing, the abandoned shower becomes an oasis and tulips in a concrete tub become a ray of hope.

The images play with their illusionistic effect. They are not just representations of reality, but also abstractions that exaggerate the banal to the point of idealization.

They come from the landscape of Iceland, which has been reduced to a pure surface. Everyday and technical objects appear unexpectedly in the barren landscape and express the contradictions of human existence. They are objects from the real world that are staged with light to create sculptures in a fictitious world. The landscape becomes the tableau of this staged amalgamation of appearance and reality. The small becomes monumental through staging, the monumental loses its exaggeration. Bizarre humor reveals itself out of nowhere, suggesting an unexpected perspective on longing, beyond the usual certainties and schemes.

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