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After work, I had left late, and therefore arrived quite tired at the parking lot at Mullerthal only at half past ten. A light drizzle had set in. I got out to look for a less conspicuous parking place to spend the night in the car. In the light of the flashlight I saw a yellow spot. I looked closer and saw this beautiful salamander. I kept looking: another and another. The whole parking lot was overrun with salamanders. I stopped moving the car so as not to crush any salamanders. Unfortunately, I was too tired to take any more pictures.
When I got up at dawn, there was not a single salamander to be seen, but I was still taken by the experience.
Not wanting to slip on the rain-soaked rocks, I carefully walked down into the silent gorge. After a few hundred meters, I saw the rock and the two trees. The misty light shone the beginning of autumn colors. I had the gorge to myself for another two hours, until a school class noisily passed me by.

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