The bizarre sculptures of debris left behind by the river offered the only orientation in the midst of the chaos of the flood.

Like admonishing witnesses, the figures made of torn branches, torn out bushes, trees and man-made debris stood in the battered landscape. The Ahr Valley had been hit by an unprecedented flood on the night of July 15, 2021. 134 people died, no house near the Ahr was left unscathed, not one stone upon another.

During the cleanup, more abstruse structures resembling spontaneous installations emerged from the gathered junk and scrap. As if the catastrophe wanted to pave the way for a new beginning with its imaginative creations from the doomed world.

The photographic staging turns the flood sculptures into silent witnesses of restless times in which nature and civilization collide and become harbingers of the climate change that is also unfolding in Germany. Emerging from the synthesis of unleashed natural force and human belongings, the Flood Sculptures display a cruelly beautiful aesthetic in a seemingly dystopian landscape.